A vigilant voice driving climate urgency in steel

The Challenge – The global steel industry has the power to make or break our ability to preserve a liveable climate. This single industry, still reliant on coal, is responsible for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 11% of CO2 emissions. Despite promises to reduce emissions decades from now, the world’s largest steelmakers are moving far too slowly. The sector is simply not on track to contribute to keeping temperature increases under 1.5°C. Investments made today in steelmaking will last for decades, so every choice matters. Now is a time for the greatest ambition.

Our Vision for Change

Our vision is a steel industry that underpins a zero-emissions economy and enables the environment, communities and workers to thrive.

Our mission is to turbo-charge the transformation to a decarbonised steel sector.

Our ambition and target is that steel gets on-track with a 1.5 degree warming trajectory by 2030.

The journey is neither easy nor clear, but the alternative – complacency or resistance – means catastrophe.

SteelWatch brings a vigilant voice, challenging the global steel industry to deliver its fair contribution to a livable planet and supporting civil society to hold the sector accountable.

Our role in Change

Drive Ambition & Accountability

We urge speed and scale in emissions reduction, challenging the narrative that incremental progress is enough. We shine a light on the gap between what is needed and what is happening.

Strengthen Global Advocacy

We support, connect and strengthen the movements working on corporate and national-level campaigns for a transparent, equitable and zero emissions steel sector.

Campaign for Corporate Action

We are vigilant and vocal in engaging and holding steel companies to account, seeking actionable change, company by company and plant by plant.

Our Values

Policy, ANBI, and Code of Ethics

Read our policy document, ANBI statement, and Code of Ethics.