Katinka Lund Waagsaether

Strategic Projects Lead


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Katinka joins SteelWatch in December 2023 from E3G and is based in Germany.  As Special Projects Lead she leads scoping development and design of key strategic initiatives including SteelWatch’s role in the European steel network, a more strategic approach to ally engagement globally, and testing capacity and feasibility of a corporate scorecard and/or myth-busting collaboratively with allies. Katinka brings a wide range of experience from the climate field, from nearly 10 years working with climate adaptation in South Africa, to working on climate policy for local government in Norway, and to leading fossil-free steel networks and shaping steel decarbonisation policies in Europe and beyond.

I am driven by the importance and urgency of this work, and the belief that it is possible to create a different society in which we value all people equally, and where we live within planetary boundaries.